Getting to Know You Interview

Please answer all you would like to, but at least 5

  1. What was your childhood or earliest ambition?
  2. What was a significant early moment you felt led especially well or poorly?
  3. What are the challenges and opportunities you see in bringing new leadership approaches into your own work as a leader, your own organization?
  4. If you could go back to your first experiences as a leader what do you wish you understood then?
  5. What experiences or inputs have helped your sense of empathy?
  6. Describe a time when you most or least true to yourself?
  7. How has a really good leader helped you personally improve your performance?
  8. In what places or situations do you feel most engaged and alive?
  9. What’s your biggest extravagance?
  10. What do you find most challenging in other people?
  11. What drives you on?
  12. How physically strong and connected do you feel?
  13. When and where were you the best version of yourself?
  14. What is the greatest challenge of our time? Where would you start?
  15. To what do you still aspire?