Humane Performance Improvement Training

Stephen teaching

Clear Frameworks

We start with two core frameworks that deliver immediate performance improvements, applying them to projects that will deliver tangible results in your work.

Framework 1: Performance is a function of four variables:

  • Motivation
  • Opportunity
  • Clarity of Expectations
  • Ability

Framework 2: Influence and authority are earned by actions that are:

  • Relevant
  • Unique 
  • Visible

Practical Tools and Methods

Wisdom Jig thinking tools structure practice so frameworks become internalized habits.

  • Self coaching practices and self leadership experiment design and lab notebook tools
  • Performance improvement conversation hosting methods
  • Humane leadership values and presence practices
  • Wisdom Jig thinking tools to discover deep insights into 
    • Motivation
    • Time design
    • Critical thinking and better decisions
    • Project design
    • Skills development roadmaps

Compelling Learning Experiences for Leaders

  • Live and online trainings in frameworks and methods
    • Lunch and learn
    • Half-day
    • Full-day
  • Peer and cohort discussion, practice and accountability
  • Coaching on development of new habits of thought and action.
  • Leaders supported self coaching via collaborative conversation as a way to to develop 
    • Deeper insights
    • Experiments to find the keys to improve performance
    • Precise and accountability.

“Stephen had my students deeply engaged with their own selves within the first few moments of the group discussion. By the end of Stephen’s guest lecture in my class, I could visibly see how my students were feeling empowered to be their own agents of change.”

– Bret Anderson, Ph.D.,  Chair of Economics at Southern Oregon University


What are your training needs?

Reach out to discuss how we might tailor our curriculum to your needs and culture or let us know what type of public training you might like to attend in the coming days by completing the form below.

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