Humane Leadership Advisory – Ten Hours


10 hour block of leadership advisory services for executives and their teams.

Hours do not expire and this plan offers you first choice of available coaching time slots, usually weekday afternoons.

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Ten hours of humane leadership advisory prepaid gives you first choice of available time slots.

Humane Leadership Advisory
Humane leadership advisory supports your journey towards great performance, engagement and better experiences of leading and being led. 

Much like executive or business coaching, humane leadership advisory focuses on assessing your current opportunities and challenges, planning a path forward to higher performance and better experiences, and shares the journey with supportive accountability toward your chosen business and personal goals.

We support both individual leaders and leadership teams in elevating their leadership’s effectiveness and personal integrity.

Engagement lengths vary from three months to ongoing relationships that grow for years.

Scholarships and Pro Bono advisory can be discussed as a part of our commitment to making Humane Leadership available where it will make the most difference.

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