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“Magnificent. Intimate, personal. Extremely useful.”

Our relationship to work has shifted. 

Our culture of leadership must be upgraded.

“As leaders, we can offer people the experience of choosing their own mental models, habits and experiments to optimize their results. This process lets us each become part of a self-teaching organism – a self-generated, self-refining intelligence.”

For decades, scientific management has delivered efficiency and profits, but we can no longer ignore its dark outgrowths of disengagement, inequality, and environmental impacts.

Humane Leadership equips leaders at every level to transform the experience and effectiveness of their leadership.

Stephen Sloan has clearly walked the terrain and offers a beautiful heart-centered approach to compassionate and wise leadership. This book is rich and fascinating.

– Eben, Coach, Business Therapist, Consultant, and former CEO of EMyth Coaching

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Humane Leadership book 3d flattened

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Author, Stephen Sloan

Stephen Sloan Humane Leadership

Stephen Sloan is founder of the Humane Leadership Institute, as well as a former CEO, startup founder, and consultant to Global 1000 technology firms. He has served leaders in business and nonprofits in the fields of technology, medicine, retail, education, and the arts.

Here’s how the book explains its own structure:

“Of course, the book offers much more than just a simple approach. We introduce a framework in chapter two so anyone can quickly evaluate performance issues and opportunities for improvement. In chapter three we explain how to effectively host a performance review meeting and in chapter four, we explain some of the concepts underlying these methods.

The balance of the book is a primer and reference for the many challenges and opportunities you will discover in working with the humane performance improvement practices you’ve learned. Chapters five and six examine the wide variety of challenges that we may bring to the performance improvement discussion. Chapters seven through eleven offer deeper understandings and tools to empower improvements in motivation, time and authority, clarity of expectations, and development of capabilities. Chapter twelve looks at the implications of the humane leadership approach for our lives and organizations.”

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