A Culture of CARE as a Foundation for Performance Innovation

Connection and Achievement

Leadership requires balancing our pursuit of outcomes with respect for the humans who help accomplish them.

Both goals are desirable, but where to start? 

Introducing Humane Leadership

Stephen B√°rczay Sloan

Performance Innovation

is a set of learned skills that allow team members and their leaders to ongoingly evaluate performance and experiment with improvements in a collaborative, engaging way.  

The reason I am pushing on this is that the SoW is a huge part of the student’s success, it’s their map. The course helps them learn to design their own maps from scratch, then turns its focus to their performance in executing the plan they’ve designed. It’s a powerful combination. Most people don’t plan or execute, the world opens before people who can do both for themselves.

Leaders tend to step into ambiguity before others and clarify a plan of action others can support with their best efforts. The 10 week Humane Leadership course helps students learn to design their own project maps (we use statements of work as a model) from scratch, then it focuses them on their improving their own and their team’s performance in executing the plan they’ve designed. It’s a powerful combination; most people don’t plan or execute.

The world opens before people who can plan and improve performance autonomously.

The Performance Innovation process is based in a culture of CARE.


to our own and others’ humanity, especially under stress


great things at work; everyone loves to win, our job is to help the team win more often


for the teams’ goals, but also the organizations’ priorities and processes


ourselves and each other by learning to contribute more than we imagined possible

Learned Practices

We teach three core practices to drive performance innovation.

Self Leadership Lab

Leaders and team members all engage in ongoing experiments to improve their own and team performance based on the P (MOCA) performance method.

Self Development Roadmap

Each team member plans to continuously edify themselves toward greater capacity to create value. Not top-down, inside out; everyone grows every week, because they want to.

Respect & Accountability

Tight accountability and project leadership methods allow us to honor the trust placed in us each day so we earn the success we desire without sacrificing our own values. 

A culture of CARE builds constructive 360-degree feedback into the daily work culture of the team and its leaders.

Everyone is accountable, everyone is learning, every week.

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Creating a Culture of CARE

How can I bring CARE Performance Innovation to my team?

Open Source Tools

and introductory book allow you to internalize and utilize all the methods at your own pace at a cost that’s accessible to almost everyone. More on free wisdom jig thinking tools

Online, On Demand Training

can be paired with live workshops. More on trainings


of transformational conversations with leaders and their teams. Reach out to discuss your needs

Bonus: Free Course on Freedom and Responsibility for Young Adults and Their Families

Young adults are learning how to lead their own lives and this course is designed to empower them to earn their freedom by proactively taking on responsibility for their own lives. Check it out if you’d like to experience our online learning experience.