Leadership Training Course Catalog

Current Offerings

Performance Innovation – creating a culture of continuous experimentation to improve performance starting in your own self leadership lab. A rigorous, project-based experience for leaders committed to making a difference.

Freedom for Young Adults – an empowering free course for young adults and their parents.

In Development

Humane Performance Improvement Conversation Skills: Detailed process and practices to support leaders in having impactful, humane conversations to turn challenges into opportunities for team members.

Designing Time: Creating focus and accelerating team work

Financial Thinking for Leaders: Turning budgets and results into insight and action

Data, Analytics, and Critical Thinking for Leaders: Hearing data’s story, gaining analytical insights, testing your hypotheses to make better decisions, faster.

Clarity of Expectations: Elegant elementary project creation and leadership methods for front line leaders

Results and Accountability Across Time: Tools and techniques to deliver results faster with fetch, checklists, and the tempo of work.