Small Business Leadership Challenges

Like you, I learned business leadership on the job.

I’ve lived the challenges of:

  • Economic turmoil - a few big recessions, but never a pandemic or a devastating wildfire.
  • Huge competitors
  • Shifting markets
  • And, always, the very human customers and employees we're working for and with

Challenges you may face

  • Decision making in complex, ambiguous situations
  • Current disruption of demand, staff, and cash flow
  • Leadership of self and team for high performance, integrity and humanity
  • Long-term growth of demand, revenue and profitability

Solutions the Humane Leadership Institute offers

Free tools and teaching

Low cost

Stronger interventions

Advisory & facilitation of your work

  • Strategic decision making process support
  • Performance improvement
  • Team alignment and momentum building
  • Development of emerging leaders
  • Transformation of leadership and company culture

Training for effective leadership customized to your team, situation and culture

  • Earning influence in the marketplace and with your team
  • Improving performance
  • Optimizing for profits, growth or freedom

Who is Stephen Sloan?

I have founded and run businesses in the .

  • Thirty years of small business leadership experience as an executive and board member in B2B distribution, office supplies, online and print marketing, software, and consulting industries.
  • Financial advisory board for a $15MM omni-channel retailer through 2008 financial crisis.
  • Successfully navigated 1990-91, 2000 and September 2001 financial crises as small business owner and investor.
  • I’ve worked with small business founders and teams ranging from e-commerce, quilt patterns, crime lab management software, to K-12 private schools and college programs.
  • Consultant to Global 1000 technology and distribution firms.
  • Author of the book, Humane Leadership