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Learning Humane Self Leadership From A Teacher’s Resignation

Hooray and dismay.

In reclaiming her own integrity and future by resigning, a Florida teacher in the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) made a powerful statement about our need to stop following leadership that doesn’t know how to lead. The teacher wrote:

“Florida’s startling attrition rate of 40% for educators [in the first] five years [of teaching] …. means my woes are shared by many. “OCPS Means Success” doesn’t mean squat if those measuring the success only recognize a specific brand of success, and continue to ignore the needs of their educators and students.”

Managers who fail to meet our basic human needs while hiding behind standards and data, have not earned the right to lead us. The current leadership structure may have role-based authority but they also must earn the trust and influence required to lead us. Of course, some educational leaders are doing great work at the nearly impossible task of meeting the changing needs of children, society and the imposed standards, but, clearly others are not meeting the needs of teachers and students.

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Interview with Eloise Lawler

HLC_Interview 18.002

As a serendipitous addition to our work with young people, Nick Lawler’s daughter, Eloise, offered to intern with us for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer. A millennial college student in Bristol, she reviewed our tools and offerings and gave us feedback on their relevance to a young audience. She also hosted our first gathering of teenagers who discussed the leadership maturity curve, the coffee jig, and the hindrances jig with great insights.

Topics discussed in this interview

  • Leading millenials
  • Segregation of generations and cultures
  • Globalization
  • Opportunity and the need for tools to navigate one’s life path

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HLC_Int18.002 Interview with Kevin Christman

Kevin Christman Sculptor Alchemy of Light

We believe that leaders can learn leadership across disciplines, so we were curious about Kevin Christman’s self leadership practices that create the structure and balance in his independent, creative life.

Ashland, Oregon, our home town is a haven to artists of all types, but one of the very finest is Kevin Christman. Formerly an Engineer with Northrop and McDonnell Douglas, Kevin is a talented sculptor, painter, and stained glass artist.  See for yourself here.

Topics discussed in this interview

  • Leaving the structure of work in corporate settings
  • The role of inspiration in creative work
  • Time management, self care and balance
  • Integrating life and work

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Pilgrimage– Adding Meaning to Our Travels


Ellie: What are we talking about here, Stephen?

Stephen: We are talking about the pilgrimage we just went on this summer, up and down the coast, back and forth through our lives and my past and all that–family, friends, associates. Continue reading Pilgrimage– Adding Meaning to Our Travels

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Questions: Humane Leadership Power Tool

Doubt is the origin of wisdom


Doubting our own assumptions and thought patterns is a great place to start any pursuit of wise, humane leadership.

In all affairs, it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.


Curiosity is the key to:

  • The scientific method
  • Insight
  • Refined thinking and behavior
  • Human connection

The quality of our leadership is determined by the quality of our questions